I first heard about noMSG when some of my friends gave a very good feedback about their Premium Ikan Bilis Powder, Premium Chicken Powder, Premium Shiitake Mushroom Powder. With No MSG, No Preservatives and No Additives, noMSG products have been quite popular. Now they have launched Beauty Collagen Soups in Singapore and true to their reputation, they taste great and have lots of health benefits.


1. Freshest Ingredients


When it comes to soups, many of us are quite apprehensive about the ingredients and preservatives that go in it.


noMSG Collagen Soup Singapore


noMsg only use the freshest ingredients delivered to them daily for chicken and pork collagen soup. This gives a lot of peace of mind to customers looking for quality beauty collagen soups.

At noMSG, you can expect freshly produced Collagen Soup to be delivered to you with all the aroma and flavor in tact.


2. Double Boiled


I had heard this term Double Boiling quite a lot of times and was quite curious to know what’s the exact meaning of it. Well, Double boiling or dun (炖) is a much slower and more gentle process where one pot is submerged within an outer pot of boiling water. This boiling technique ensures maximum infusion of ingredients for the best flavor. At the same time, it ensures no compromise to the flavor.

noMSG Collagen soups are double boiled and simmered on low flame for 8-9 hours everyday so as to get the best flavor and nutrients into the soup.


3. High Quality, Friendly Prices and Convenient Packaging

noMSG has new and improved FDA approved packaging that doesn’t leak when frozen. Easy to carry and use!

noMSG Collagen Soup Singapore have prices that are friendlier because they specialize in Collagen Soup Delivery.


4. Health Benefits


Collagen is considered as vital for skin and overall health. As we age, collagen production is reduced too. At such point in time, consuming collagen helps. Collagen soups and other supplements are said to deliver many health benefits:

  • Improvement in the texture of the skin

  • Joint pain relief

  • Improvement in Heart health

  • Boosts muscle mass

  • Repairs intestine linings

A good collagen soups like noMSG not only tastes better but it can provide lot of nourishment too.



5. No Nasties

The brand name noMSG is loud and clear about the ingredients that go in their products. No monosodium glutamate (MSG), preservatives or flavouring is added. The taste is great and without any nasties.


6. Perfect Recipe For All Occasions

You can add noMSG Beauty Collagen Soup to any occasion and it’ll be a perfect dish – from simple dinner to steamboat party to CNY to Christmas.

Do check out some recipes that you can try with these soups:

Chinese ABC Soup



Chicken and Mushroom Risotto



Seafood Pao Fan


Shop noMSG Collagen Soup Singapore Here!



Shop noMSG Collagen Soup Singapore Here!

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