Where Do Babies Come From: How Do You Answer Kids’ Questions?

Have your kids’ questions ever thrown you off guard? Maybe the first time they asked you where babies come from or asked you about some nude content they came across online? Parenting is not easy. And with today’s easy access to knowledge through the internet, kids are becoming aware of more sex education topics from […]

4 Reasons Why Expat Families Choose American International Schools for Their Children

For some expat families, moving to a different country is a challenge of epic proportions. For a few others, it’s simply a way of life. According to a 2017 report by the market research company Finaccord, there are 66.2 million expatriates in different parts of the world—roughly 0.9% of the human population. It’s estimated that […]

Otah & Friends Staycation Edition: Pan Pacific Serviced Suites Beach Road

Almost 2 years, none of us have traveled anywhere and it does get claustrophobic at times. Living with the new normal is not that easy for any of us – Working from Home, Home-based learning and anxiety over ever-changing Covid scenario can get quite overwhelming and it’s much needed to break the monotony. Staycation is […]

Empowered Women Empower Others: Singapore Fempreneurs

When you support small businesses, female businesses – you are supporting and nurturing dreams. We at RainbowDiaries believe that – “Empowered Women Empower Others”. That’s what we try to do through our Social Media Mom SG platform on WhatsApp and Instagram.   Presenting some of the female entrepreneurs in Singapore who are on the mission […]

How to rock your Work From Home Life? Here are some Quick Tips

Covid-19 Fatigue is a real thing especially when we thought things are getting better as per @channelnewsasia article. The increasing cases led to tighter restrictions once again and people like me who were on hybrid work mode had to switch to WFH.   When you are Working from Home, what’s the motivation that keeps you going? […]

Celebrating Nurses’ Day: Caregiving and Home Nursing in COVID-19

Homage is an award-winning for-profit social enterprise. It combines curated and trained care, therapy, and medical professionals with smart technology to manage and provide on-demand holistic home and community-based caregiving, nursing, rehabilitation, and medical services to seniors and adults. Operating in Singapore and Malaysia, Homage has over 5,000 care professionals that offer support to families as secondary […]

Mum Shares: 30-days Healthy Lunch Menu

Mum shares her secret of losing postpartum weight and the big contributor was her choice of lunches. Sudhi shares her lunch plan for 30 days. Read on! To lose post baby weight I found many kind of diets, intermittent fasting, exercise etc on web. But I felt lost because was not sure who to follow […]

How to Create a Structure for Your Kids when you’re all At Home?

Credit:  imtmphoto Creating structure for kids, not only makes them disciplined but also they get the right parenting while staying at home. Staying home disrupts the daily activities of a child and some of them get attracted to the social media vortex. Yellow Class has arranged different online hobby classes and fun activities for kids. […]