Welcome Back to Jewel Changi Airport For Family-friendly Fun

Though it has opened for public just 2 years ago, Jewel Changi Airport is already an icon of Singapore. Pandemic times are turbulent and leaving them behind, Jewel Changi Airport is now is ready to welcome all of us back this July onward.      We visited it recently and fell in love with it […]

Do You Suffer From Dental Anxiety? Then You Must Read This

Odontophobia – dental fear, dental anxiety. An intense fear of visiting the dentist or getting dental treatment done. I have seen so many people in my close and extended circle to have tremendous fear of everything about dental treatments. Forget about root canals and dental implants, even scaling and polishing, filling cavities seems like a […]

Build Independent Coding Confidence with PurpleTutor

PurpleTutor is an online platform that provides live coding classes to kids  the age group of 6 to 16. As we know, leaders are about Excellence and Independence, therefore, PurpleTutor helps to build Independent Coding Confidence in every single child, thereby creating Future Tech Leaders!   They want to help parents ensure that their child’s […]

Mum Shares Tips and Tricks to Be A Silly Mom

Silliness induces laughter and laughter is the best medicine. It’s truly a fun to be a Silly Mom. Shubhada who writes about her parenting experiences and experiments at @shub_sg shares her tips and tricks to be a Silly Mom and how it pays off to be the one. Read on these tips and tricks on […]

Recipe: No-bake Lemon Cheesecake

All you have to do is click on the above image and browse through the recipe video. ????Ingredients: 4-5 lemons7 grams of gelatin250 grams cream cheese50 grams sugar160 grams whipping creamFew drops of food color (light orange) ????Preparation:  Add 7 grams of gelatin and 40 ml of water. Mix and keep aside for 15 mins. […]