Switch On Sustainable Mode with Healthy Snacks

How many of us think about Food Sustainability when we shop for snacks? Sustainability is a buzzword and we have to start taking it really seriously not only for our health but for our environment, out planet. We have opted for healthy snacks for quite a few months now and in this pursuit, we recently […]

Otah & Friends Staycation Edition: Pan Pacific Serviced Suites Beach Road

Almost 2 years, none of us have traveled anywhere and it does get claustrophobic at times. Living with the new normal is not that easy for any of us – Working from Home, Home-based learning and anxiety over ever-changing Covid scenario can get quite overwhelming and it’s much needed to break the monotony. Staycation is […]

How to rock your Work From Home Life? Here are some Quick Tips

Covid-19 Fatigue is a real thing especially when we thought things are getting better as per @channelnewsasia article. The increasing cases led to tighter restrictions once again and people like me who were on hybrid work mode had to switch to WFH.   When you are Working from Home, what’s the motivation that keeps you going? […]

15-Minute Activities Of Self-Love To Refresh Instantly

Many ladies from my mom community ask me – how do you find me-time and what’s self-love according to you? It’s very simple actually! Just manage to steal at least 15-20 mins from your daily hustle and spend it on YOURSELF ALONE to take care of your own happiness and well-being – that’s my definition […]

Wary Of Spam? You Must Try This Comprehensive Tool For Safer Communication

Hello, this is your bank calling, please submit your identification document asap. This is XYZ from health department, you have been exposed to Covid Hi Bro, I’m offering you personal loan. Just message me your address. We all have received and regularly receive such spammy messages and even calls on our phone. Many have fallen […]

Do You Suffer From Dental Anxiety? Then You Must Read This

Odontophobia – dental fear, dental anxiety. An intense fear of visiting the dentist or getting dental treatment done. I have seen so many people in my close and extended circle to have tremendous fear of everything about dental treatments. Forget about root canals and dental implants, even scaling and polishing, filling cavities seems like a […]

Build Independent Coding Confidence with PurpleTutor

PurpleTutor is an online platform that provides live coding classes to kids  the age group of 6 to 16. As we know, leaders are about Excellence and Independence, therefore, PurpleTutor helps to build Independent Coding Confidence in every single child, thereby creating Future Tech Leaders!   They want to help parents ensure that their child’s […]

Honey, I discovered Manuka Paradise and 5 health benefits

Covid times have made me rethink about the ways how I take care of my family’s and my health. I have started to rely a lot more on natural ingredients with proven benefits. Honey tops the list I must say. My search for a great honey led me to discover Manuka Honey Singapore called Manuka […]