Switch On Sustainable Mode with Healthy Snacks

How many of us think about Food Sustainability when we shop for snacks? Sustainability is a buzzword and we have to start taking it really seriously not only for our health but for our environment, out planet. We have opted for healthy snacks for quite a few months now and in this pursuit, we recently […]

Otah & Friends Staycation Edition: Pan Pacific Serviced Suites Beach Road

Almost 2 years, none of us have traveled anywhere and it does get claustrophobic at times. Living with the new normal is not that easy for any of us – Working from Home, Home-based learning and anxiety over ever-changing Covid scenario can get quite overwhelming and it’s much needed to break the monotony. Staycation is […]

Mum Shares: 30-days Healthy Lunch Menu

Mum shares her secret of losing postpartum weight and the big contributor was her choice of lunches. Sudhi shares her lunch plan for 30 days. Read on! To lose post baby weight I found many kind of diets, intermittent fasting, exercise etc on web. But I felt lost because was not sure who to follow […]

noMSG Beauty Collagen Soups: 6 Reasons Why You Should Give It A Try

I first heard about noMSG when some of my friends gave a very good feedback about their Premium Ikan Bilis Powder, Premium Chicken Powder, Premium Shiitake Mushroom Powder. With No MSG, No Preservatives and No Additives, noMSG products have been quite popular. Now they have launched Beauty Collagen Soups in Singapore and true to their […]

Honey, I discovered Manuka Paradise and 5 health benefits

Covid times have made me rethink about the ways how I take care of my family’s and my health. I have started to rely a lot more on natural ingredients with proven benefits. Honey tops the list I must say. My search for a great honey led me to discover Manuka Honey Singapore called Manuka […]

Recipe: No-bake Lemon Cheesecake

All you have to do is click on the above image and browse through the recipe video. ????Ingredients: 4-5 lemons7 grams of gelatin250 grams cream cheese50 grams sugar160 grams whipping creamFew drops of food color (light orange) ????Preparation:  Add 7 grams of gelatin and 40 ml of water. Mix and keep aside for 15 mins. […]