Where Do Babies Come From: How Do You Answer Kids’ Questions?

Have your kids’ questions ever thrown you off guard? Maybe the first time they asked you where babies come from or asked you about some nude content they came across online? Parenting is not easy. And with today’s easy access to knowledge through the internet, kids are becoming aware of more sex education topics from […]

4 Reasons Why Expat Families Choose American International Schools for Their Children

For some expat families, moving to a different country is a challenge of epic proportions. For a few others, it’s simply a way of life. According to a 2017 report by the market research company Finaccord, there are 66.2 million expatriates in different parts of the world—roughly 0.9% of the human population. It’s estimated that […]

15-Minute Activities Of Self-Love To Refresh Instantly

Many ladies from my mom community ask me – how do you find me-time and what’s self-love according to you? It’s very simple actually! Just manage to steal at least 15-20 mins from your daily hustle and spend it on YOURSELF ALONE to take care of your own happiness and well-being – that’s my definition […]

How to Create a Structure for Your Kids when you’re all At Home?

Credit:  imtmphoto Creating structure for kids, not only makes them disciplined but also they get the right parenting while staying at home. Staying home disrupts the daily activities of a child and some of them get attracted to the social media vortex. Yellow Class has arranged different online hobby classes and fun activities for kids. […]

Build Independent Coding Confidence with PurpleTutor

PurpleTutor is an online platform that provides live coding classes to kids  the age group of 6 to 16. As we know, leaders are about Excellence and Independence, therefore, PurpleTutor helps to build Independent Coding Confidence in every single child, thereby creating Future Tech Leaders!   They want to help parents ensure that their child’s […]

Mum Shares Tips and Tricks to Be A Silly Mom

Silliness induces laughter and laughter is the best medicine. It’s truly a fun to be a Silly Mom. Shubhada who writes about her parenting experiences and experiments at @shub_sg shares her tips and tricks to be a Silly Mom and how it pays off to be the one. Read on these tips and tricks on […]